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Chromatin, Development and Cancer Lab


The enviromment

Chromatin, Development and Cancer lab is a part of the CNRS UMR-8126 (Molecular Interactions and Cancer) department at the Gustave Roussy Institute, one of the biggest European cancer research centers, located nearby Paris.

The lab

Where to find us

Chromatin, Development and Cancer

Yegor Vassetzky, PhD, DSc


Institut Gustave Roussy

39, rue Camille-Desmoulins

94805 Villejuif

Tel: +33142116283



Email: vassetzky@igr.fr

Skype: erop_lab

We're working on the role of chromatin organization in normal cells, cancer and genetic diseases.

Selected Recent Publications:

Dmitriev P., Barat, A., Polesskaya, A.,  O'Connell, M.J., Robert, T., Dessen, P., Walsh, T.A., Lazar, V., Turki, A., Carnac, G.,  Laoudj-Chenivesse D., Lipinski, M., and VASSETZKY, Y.S (2013) Simultaneous miRNA and mRNA transcriptome profiling of human myoblasts reveals a novel set of myogenic differentiation-associated miRNAs and their target genes. BMC Genomics, 14:265  pdf

Razin, S.V., Gavrilov, A.A., Pichugin, A., Lipinski, M., Iarovaia, O.V. and VASSETZKY, Y.S. (2011) Transcription factories in the context of the nuclear and genome organization. Nucl. Acids. Res., 39:9085-9092 pdf

Dmitriev, P., Petrov , A., Ansseau, E.,  Charron, S.,  Coppée, F., Belayew, A., Carnac, G., Turki, A., Laoudj, D., Lipinski, M., and VASSETZKY, Y.S., (2011) The Krüppel-like factor KLF15 as a key actor in upregulation of the 4q35 genes in FSHD muscles, J. Biol. Chem., 286:44620-44631 pdf

Petrov A., Allinne J., Pirozhkova, I., Laoudj, D., Lipinski, M., and VASSETZKY, Y.S.(2008) Nuclear matrix attachment site in the 4q35 locus has an enhancer-blocking activity: implications for the facioscapulohumeral dystrophy. Genome Research, 18:39-45. pdf

Petrov, A. Pirozhkova, I., Carnac, G., Laoudj, D., Lipinski, M., and VASSETZKY, Y.S. (2006) Chromatin loop domain organization within the 4q35 locus in facio-scapulo-humeral dystrophy patients versus normal human myoblasts. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 103:6982-6987. pdf

Lemaître, J.-M., Danis, E., Pasero, P., VASSETZKY, Y, and Méchali, M. (2005) Mitotic remodeling of the replicon. Cell, 123: 787-801. pdf

Chromatin, Development and Cancer Lab


CNRS -- Université Paris-Sud -- Institut Gustave Roussy